UGLIVEG // Branding and Web Design

UgliVeg is a brand focused on reducing food waste. Produce is often thrown away for their impurities, thus creating the problematic issue of food waste. Subtle imperfections like discoloration or bruises are among many that deem produce “unwanted.” UgliVeg not only promotes such produce, but ties in healthy mindset and self-love. We aim to promote these  “imperfections” (that being not quite imperfect at all) as ways to change body-image issues, and other personal attributes that are often negatively seen in society. UgliVeg partners with local vendors and markets to support the smaller, more natural farming industry. The markets are held every Sunday and can feature some of our swag items like our sustainably fabricated grocery bags. With the aim of reducing national food waste, we also hope to create a better society by eliminating negative image connotations.


Soonduk Krebs



Website, Posters, Grocery Bags, Grocery List notebook


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